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Armor looks towards the future by launching new international brand

The Armor cartridges are considered top-end cartridges in several countries. The expertise and experience which distinguish these various labels have been combined and expanded to create a new premium European brand: WECARE.

WECARE is a quality product

High-quality German engineering, a 100% guarantee and sustainability are some of the qualifications which characterise the new brand. You can expect the same quality product in a new, modern packaging.

European roll-out

WECARE has been an established brand for over 25 years in the Netherlands and Belgium. The revamped WECARE will be available at all Handyman shops, various bookshops and computer shops from now on. The new WECARE brand will replace the Armor cartridges in the racks of the Bureau Vallee shops in France. You will also soon be able to purchase WECARE products in all STAPLES shops in Germany. Further roll-out will take place in these countries and others after this first European introduction.

Connected. by Armor

We have launched the new brand in order to further strengthen the connection with our customers and society. Thus the message on our new packaging: Armor. This is how we connect with you: we keep the range up-to-date, guarantee its quality and take care of the environment.

WECARE toner in new packaging too

WECARE toners will soon follow the successful introduction of the WECARE ink cartridges. We will keep you informed through this blog.

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