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WECARE selling points


The WECARE cartridges are a low-cost, sustainable alternative to the more expensive original cartridges. You can print more pages for less money because WECARE cartridges are significantly cheaper than the original brands. They often contain more ink too.

100% quality guarantee

The quality of WECARE cartridges is comparable to that of the original products. Every cartridge is tested individually during the development and production process and comes with a 100% quality guarantee. You will obtain high-quality print-outs effortlessly. And all this for a lower price while taking care of the environment at the same time.

A win-win situation: environmental protection and lower printing costs

Glass, old paper, old clothes... These days it is considered the most normal thing in the world to make sure that these can be reused. Cartridges, however, often still end up in the waste container. And that is a pity for you and for the environment. By reusing cartridges, we not only limit the amount of raw materials extracted from the earth but also cut down on the amount of hazardous waste which is burdening our planet. Hand in your cartridge for this reason.

The collected cartridges are made suitable for reuse by means of a rigorous process. In this way we provide affordable alternatives to the expensive, original cartridges. It is a win-win situation: you contribute towards protecting the environment yet save considerably on your printing costs.

Hand in your empty cartridge

Hand in your empty cartridge at the point of sale. By doing so you will be taking care of the environment. In order to be able to produce alternative cartridges, a sufficient amount of empty cartridges is needed. Your empty cartridge will therefore end up in the right place.